Food Truck Bird

Florida Keys Library Tour ’22

The highlights from the libraries at Homestead, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, & Key West

Food Truck Coffee Plant

Food Truck Birds - Handout

Click here for the Food Truck for Birds plant installation plan for South Florida and the Florida Keys : plant zones 9a, 9b, 10. This is a free handout for attendees

Additional Resources:

Most people are not aware of the free (pre-paid with our taxes) the county extension offices in Monroe and Miami Dade counties. If you have more specific questions about native plants in your landscape, call them. The master gardeners are super friendly and very helpful.

UF/IFAS Extension Services Page:

Monroe County Extension Page:

Miami / Dade County Extension Page:

Aubudon Society has great information as well. It’s not as specific to each planting zone in Florida but I used it for reference material for my research about the birds.

Florida Key Aubudon Society has resources too.

Research references page for website

Tricia Keffer

Homestead Library – October 2022

At her first stop south for the inaugural Food Trucks For Birds Tour ’22, Tricia gave a talk to the patrons at the Homestead Library. It was well received by the audience who came out to hear more about the connection between native plants and bird migration. South Florida is a critical habitat because the birds are funneling down to the island to begin the most difficult part of the journey – the island hopping. Tricia is looking forward to returning to the awesome Cybrarium Library in Homestead, FL.

Tricia Keffer

Key Largo Library, Key Largo, Florida

This is a BOLA alert for speeding birds down US Highway 1 – over . Be on the lookout every fall and spring for the migrating birds through the Florida Keys. Bird watchers from all over the country converge with the birds to check off their lists. 

How do we help them on this migration highway in the sky? Plant natives. Tricia enjoyed sharing her love of birds and plants. She’ll be back soon. This is the library where it all began.


Tricia Keffer award winner ASLA

Islamorada Library, Islamorada, Florida

South bound for birds at Islamorada Library. Tricia’s next south further south was at the library in Islamorada. They have a nice set up with a community room for her talk. If you haven’t seen it lately, stop by. The librarians were so nice. 

Tricia will be back soon for more talks – stay tuned. 

Tricia Keffer

Marathon Library – Florida Keys, Florida

South bound with the speeding, migrating birds. They are on the biannual journey to the tropics in South America. This past fall Tricia offered free talks at each of the libraries. There is a brand new awesome library for the Marathon residents and visitors alike. It’s what to do on a rainy day in the Keys. Tricia will be back soon.


Tricia Keffer

Key West Library, Key West, Florida

– end of the line and the beginning of island hopping for the birds

It’s the famous last mile at Mile Marker Zero for these birds. The famous 90 miles to Cuba. It’s a nonstop flight overnight for these birds. A make it or break it flight. This is the last stop for Tricia too for the first ever Food Trucks For (the) Birds Tour ’22. I would like to thank all of the libraries for making this happen. It was awesome to meet everyone. She looks forward to more Bird Tours for birds and native plants.