Our Story

Hammock Birds:

The arc of Tricia’s creative career began with dolphin training to full time photography studio and on to creative landscape designs. While earning her MLA in Landscape Architecture at FIU, she did a directed study with her professor about the Tropical Hardwood Hammocks in the Florida Keys.

She soon learned from Janice the park ranger about the Neotropical Migrating Birds that pass through every year. 

It’s a critical habitat because it’s their last chance to fuel up for the non-stop over night flights island hopping to South American. They need our help. They need food from native plants and trees!

The Food Truck idea was born when Tricia was traveling down the 18 mile stretch into Key Largo one evening. The sky was grey and a rock song Highway to Hell by AC/DC came on the radio. Tricia realized these birds were on a highway that was rough. They had no stops like she did for coffee or gas. 

Food Trucks for Birds !

To futher develop the project, Tricia used her BA in Psychology from UWF. As a former dolphin trainer, she understood learning and motivation. She developed this idea to give people “food truck” template planting plans. In exchange, they could register on her website. An idea she borrowed from the Free Little Libraries concept. 

Please follow her on the socials next week and hopefully there will be a bigger tour ’23 in the spring. 

More to come!

Grass Roots:

This non-profit is for people and birds. We accept donations from individuals and small businesses. If you would like to be featured here for a donation (small or large) let me know. I’m happy to include you as part of this project.

Spring Food Trucks Tour ’23

The idea is to keep this tour going every spring and fall. I hope in the future to travel the entire US Highway 1 from Key West MM0 to Maine. In the meantime, I’m working towards Spring ’23. If you would like to donate a hotel room for the night in the Florida Keys or South Florida or a few meals and transportation. I would be grateful.

The Food Trucks ’22 Tour is entirely funded out of my own personal account. This is as a non-profit should operate.

If you would like to assist with any expenses for the Spring Tour ’23, please email me. 

Small Business Donations:

I have my own small business and I understand how rewarding it can be. If you have any of the following to donate for the Spring ’23 Tour please email me. I will be posting on the website the business who make a donation. This isn’t about big corporate sponsorships. It’s a grass roots people organization.

I am also looking for someone who can create and host an app for us.

I am also looking for someone who can offer a plaque and/or posts for the registered food trucks.

I am looking for construction plan donations for the website (free downloads, free copyright) for people to build their own bird feeders and bird baths.

Dennis’s Computer Graphics:

My neighboor Dennis has generously offer his software expertise and hosting to make this first website a reality. Please visit him at