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This is the Coconut Telegraph page (Jimmy Buffett reference) for the Food Trucks for Birds

Food Trucks for Birds Tour '22 Press Release

This is the newsroom. Click here to download our first press release for ’22

Food Trucks for Birds Flier

Click here for the Food Trucks for Birds flier ’22

Install your first Food Truck

The first Food Truck Installation plan is here for South Florida and the Florida Keys. Planting zones 9a, 9b, 10

Tricia Keffer

Tricia Keffer

Founder, PLA, MLA Landscape Architecture

Happy Day! I look forward to connecting with my clients on their social platforms and LinkedIn. I’ll include a bit about myself here. I love art (of course) my inspiration is Claude Monet. I enjoy walks, biking , and being on the water.

I love arranging my own landscape property with plants and structures too. Maybe I’ll post a few here in thenext couple of months