I have set up a GoFundMe page to launch the 2nd step. I need the funds to register this project as a non-profit and trademark the name.


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This is a labor or love for Tricia. The website, research, graphics, and the Food Trucks Tour ’22 are directly from her pocketbook. This is a grass roots non-profit and it’s about individuals and small businesses who want a better environment for the birds and the humans.

Donations are limited to grass roots organizations, individuals, and small business contributions only.

Wish List: 

  • Plaques for the registered food trucks
  • Legal services to file trademarks and non-profti status paperwork
  • Construction plans for bird feeders (food truck inspired encouraged)
  • Construction plans for bird baths (food truck inspired encouraged)
  • Website development for SEO and interactive elements
  • Website development for the map to register food trucks
  • I would love an app for this idea


Tour ’24

  • Hotels in the Florida Keys and along US Highway One (clean with a hot shower, simple is good)
  • Meals along the way is helpful
  • List of interested libraries, coffee shops (independent), book stores etc
  • Transporation (renal car, gas )


Please feel free to reach out with any questions. All donated items (i.e. construction drawings) will be offered free to the public. I will put a link to your small business for it.




Porter Weed Native

We would like to thank Dennis for the generous time and software services used to create this website. It takes much more time that people realize to create and launch a website. If you are lookng for website hosting or domain names, please consider Dennis’s Computer Graphics.