Food Trucks For Birds

Florida – Food Trucks For Birds!



FOUNDING Food Truck For Birds – KEFFER FAMILY, Niceville, FL       FL 001

Food Trucks For Birds

Keffer Family – Niceville, FL    FL 001

At the Keffer homestead in Niceville, FL, we installed several Amercian Beauty plants and Echinacea plants. The best time to plant is actually the fall. Roots grow best through out the winter season and the shoots grow in the spring and summer. We will update this photo in the spring to show you the finished results.

Paradise Palm Valparaiso FL food truck for birds


The local nursery in Valparaiso, FL is now an official Food Trucks For Birds stop on their migration highway. The nursery has the sign and the native plants for your polinator and bird habitats at your property. Renters can install plants in pots too. Jen is the awesome manager and she has a copy of the planting plans to help you attract birds for their “coffee breaks” on the migration highway in the sky.


Food Trucks for Birds:

How it all works. When you register your food truck you’ll receive a plaque (small fee -optional) to place at your three shrubs and trees. The number system will follow the google map for US Highway 1 from Key West to Maine. For example:


FL 001



Florida Keys:  KW001

Florida Keys: M 101

Florida Keys: I 101

Florida Keys: KL 101

South Florida: (city optional) 101

Central Florida (city optional) 101

North Florida (city optional) 101

After Florida has a Food Truck route established, I’l start with Georgia.

Donation Request – If there is a small business that would like to help with the outdoor plaques for the Food Trucks, please call or email me.